Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Whose Party?

You're late, you're late to a very important date!
It all started with an initial invitation from a bunch of Iranian radicals to a group of Israeli occupied Lebanese in the early 1980s to join the party. The invitation had a cash load attached to it to turn a herd of extreme Shia Muslims to a powerful political and military organization in Lebanon. This group called itself "Party of God". Before we can go deeper into understanding the mentality of this terrorist group, we ask ourselves, Does God need an army of militants with makeshift bombs to defend him? Then why at all call themselves, P.O.G.
The group was conceived in 1982 by a group of Muslim clerics after the invasion of Lebanon. There were over 2000 contingent Iranian Revolutionary Guards based in Bekaa Valley, which had been sent to the country to aid the resistance against Israel. It always dreamed of transforming Lebanon's multi-confessional state into an Iranian-style Islamic State, although this idea was later abandoned in favor of a more inclusive approach that has survived to this day. The party was long supported by Iran, which provided it with arms and money.
The party's defining platform since mid 2000 has been hostility to Israel and when the last Israeli troops left Lebanon due largely to the success of Hezbollah's military arm, the Islamic Resistance, its popularity peaked. Many rooted for them even the pro-Western Lebanese, however after a destructive year with Israel and the capturing of 2 Israeli soldiers in 2006, their uphill reputation took a massive dent.
This terrorist party is the strongest member of Lebanon's pro-Syrian opposition bloc which has been pitted against the pro-Western government led by Sa'ad Alhariri. They are mainly located in Southern Lebanon and have several seats in the parliament as well as ministers in a national unity government which was formed late 2009.
Washington has long branded Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and has accused it of destabilizing Lebanon in the wake of Syria's withdrawal of its troops from the country following the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Alhariri.
I was in Lebanon the morning Mr.Rafik Alhariri died and visited the spot and burial of the legendary pro-Western Lebanese pacifist. It was clear that he was bombed and when an investigation was to take place in the hospital and morgue, many of the Doctors stole the files and took over the hospital solely to bury all possible evidence which points at Hezbollah's hand in his assassination. The ground had been damaged as if a bomb was planted under his car which was able to shake the entire Phoenician Hotel in central Beirut.
This terrorist movement long operated with neighboring Syria's blessing, as Bashar Alasad himself is a member of this terrorist cell, protecting its interests in Lebanon and serving as a card for Damascus to play in its own confrontation with Israel.
The leaders of Hezbollah mainly, Hassan Nasrallah, continued to profess his support for Syria, while stressing Lebanese unity by arguing against "Western Interference" in the country. Funny, how this "Interference" is the same card he used when addressing current issues in Bahrain.
Hezbollah offers not only a political clout, but has a wide popular appeal by providing social services and healthcare. It has an influential TV Station, Al Manar that is financed by non-other, Iran.
Nasrallah who claims to be some sort of Messiah has recently gone on TV, addressing a specific message to the Shia's of Bahrain. It  was rather insulting for an Iranian puppet to be accusing our country and government, but the cards are out chub-chub and it is obvious that their plan is to make their life-long dream of creating an Iran style Islamic Republic of Bahrain while slowly infiltrating nearby countries in the Middle East till finally it becomes a super Shia power that can dominate the world. Snap, Crackle and Pop! This is but a dream for all you Nasallah-ites who think it's possible. The King of Bahrain finally and for the very first time ousted the Iranian scheme to the world and soon the media that they're trying to buy will turn against them. I guess, if we were in Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts would do the honors and condemn them with a loud: "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS".
Brave Bahrain

Order of Appearance from left:
Queen of Hearts as herself, Hare as Khameni, Madhatter as Nasrallah, Alice as Madrasi, Rabbit as Khomeyni, Cheshire as himself and White Queen as Sestaani.

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