Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Who's Popping the Popcorn?

BAHRAIN- It was a riddle worthy of the murder mystery board game Clue. But this time it was not Reverend Green in the parlor with a Candlestick. This game is played differently from the game of Clue we’re used to or have played in our teens. This game isn’t played in a mansion, but is played by a terrorist organization with different weapons; all of which could contribute to the murder of Bahrain, if not already has started stabbing its back. The aim of the game is to cause the downfall of a nation, let alone different ministries which represent each room in the country (a.k.a. The Mansion). Before we can take it any further, we have to introduce the characters of the game:
1-      Miss Scarlet (Isa Qassim): is the resident femme fatale in the game. She’s the ringleader, planning both in the country and outside to reach her goal and force out the leadership of the country. She rolls first in the game and the rest follow. The Bahraini version of the Anti-Christ.

2-      Colonel Mustard (Hassan Mushayma): is the stock character of a great hunter and colonial imperialist. He is usually a military man both dignified to the terrorist organization known as “Alhaq” and dangerous. When he speaks, the sheep follow. A step away from his grave.

3-      Mrs. White (Ali Salman): is the stock portrayal of a frazzled servant to her Mistress (Miss Scarlet),but also had a couple of divergent characterizations: portrayed as “Noora” the cross dresser,  “Aliyah Salman” the leader of a semi-authorized society acknowledging violence called “Alwefaq” and finally the “Biatch” because she’s pushed around by leaders and a servant to their “needs”. We still aren’t sure if she’s a man or a woman.

4-      Reverend Green (Mariam Al Khawaja): this rather confusing character has been given two different personas in the Clue World. Originally patented as hypocritical monk who weakens when it comes to the Sixth Commandment, murder. Rev. Green has also been seen as money-oriented roles from mobster to businessman. This character is the spokesperson of the terrorist organization and is known for exploiting lies. If all goes against him, he plays the “Human Rights” card. He is the designer of “Ready to Die for Bahrain” T-shirts.

5-      Mrs. Peacock (Saeed Shehabi): this stock character is of a grand dame, an elderly yet still attractive to loners, outcasts and the gay community. She maintains her dignity only with International News Networks. She was the founder of a group called “Ahrar Al Bahrain” and only has 4 members in her so called group, which is why she rolls fifth in the game. She is of no importance.

6-      Professor Plum (Abduljalil Sankis): an absent-minded professor. Often depicted as either a middle aged fellow with a bow tie and glasses, he’s seen by the terrorists as “the brain”. He plays the role of the smart intellectual, yet behind the scenes is a weak conspirator who has served sentence in jail several of times for failed attempts and pathetic plots. He rolls last in the game because he is a minor character who could easily be caught and thrown in jail again. If this was a game of Monopoly, he would be.

7-      Dr. Black (Nabil Rajab): this stock character plays the generic victim, he is the unseen host who is injured all for the sake promoting “peace”. This character has been a sole conspirator with international countries mainly Israel to fight against the leadership. He is a pimp to the Iranian government, yet goes under disguise as a Jewish rabbi to confuse the people. He doesn’t roll in the game, because he will be murdered- very soon if not by the government, then by Al Qaeda.
Now that the characters have been explained and well defined, it’s time to understand how the game is played. There was a plot by all these characters to put a stop to the leadership of Bahrain because they have grown jealous of the leaders’ country and would like to stop it all in the name of “Peace”. Each character played a role, had a weapon that he/she used to manipulate and escalate the issues taking place in Bahrain to reach to the height that it has today, STILL under the umbrella of “peace”. Some of the weapons used, unlike in the game are: Media, Human Rights, Protests, Government Flowers, Hezbollah, and non-other than Iran.
The weapons that these malicious characters have used were to terrorize the people of the nation and cause fear in their hearts. They think that only because they have the weapons, they can easily put a stop to the country. They have walked into rooms (a.k.a. Ministries) to disrupt the peace in them and paralyze the political economy in more ways than one. Some of the affected Ministries are: Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Culture and Information, Ministry of Works, Ministry of Industry & Commerce, and finally Ministry of Justice. These ministries have been affected one by one with the terrorists in the nation. It started with the Ministry of Interior and has escalated to include these 9 more ministries.
Some of these acts of terrorism include:
1-      Protesting in Pearl Roundabout
2-      Disrupting Education in nationwide schools
3-      Combating Policemen and Soldiers
4-      Barricading the major highways and flyovers in the country
5-      Damaging and harming the University of Bahrain
6-      Spreading psychological disorder to the people
7-      Handing them flowers while chanting “Peaceful, we’re Peaceful”.
In the recent events since February 14th, Bahrain has been hijacked by these terrorist organizations and day by day, we’re getting closer to knowing: who is the murder, who is behind all of these plots and what key weapon was used to reach their goal. Never in the history of Bahrain has the country seen such a meticulous scheme to force their rule over the leadership. If this was a game of Clue, then after a few rolls of the dice and visiting rooms, the player would come to a conclusion and figure out who murdered Dr. Black, however this is a national scheme and if the government wants to find out who and how the country was betrayed, it has to trace back the steps and subject these suspects to severe punishment until one of them cracks and the whole story is naked to the world. The cruel intentions of these terrorist heads are slowly but surely becoming clear, but here’s the WINNING question and if answered right, the government can win this game: Who shall the government trial first?  
Let’s play detective and help our government! J
Brave Bahrain

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