Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Introducing: Gulf League

Move over Pearl Roundabout protestors, there are new superheroes looking to take over the stage! After a month long of patience, civil disobedience and destruction, the Gulf League arrives in Bahrain. The Gulf League or GA entered the country after the nation witnessed harmful protests that caused many casualties, raised concerns and spreading fear in the country.  

The King of Bahrain imposed a three-month state of emergency yesterday and gave the country's military chief wide authority to battle anti-government uprising that has threatened the public of Bahrain and was the reason, the Gulf League made an appearance in the country.
The martial law-style order- read on Bahrain state TV- comes a day after GA troops arriving in the country to help prop up the US backed country in a major cross-border action against the revolts that have erupted across the Arab world. The GA is comprised of troops from: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Oman. Yemen is left out because they have their own protestors to deal with.
Meanwhile, Bahrain's Ministry of Interior, confirmed that a member of Bahraini's security forces was killed in the festivities with the protestors stating: "A member of the security forces passed away in Ma'amer this evening when he was deliberately run over by one of the rioters", the Ministry said in a statement read on state television.
The Gulf League was only invited to join the party after several attempts by the government to resolve the tension in Bahrain whether it be the right to protest peacefully despite the destruction of public property, causing traffic delays and implanting fear in the hearts of the people where most were in house-arrest due to the extreme measures taken by the conspirators. Another attempt was made by the Crown Prince of Bahrain for the commencement of a national dialogue, which was a step not only in the right direction but while the likes of Libya are yelling "It's me or destruction", the Bahraini government is calling for a peaceful dialogue with high officials of all sectors in Bahrain to contribute quick to resolve this unfortunate event, but even this cry was ignored by the protestors and when they gave in later, they put 12 prerequisites to enter the talks with the government. In my humble opinion, I feel it was a grave mistake to do that because it was a serious effort to put back these tensions and move forward as a country. Only after several endeavors and failure from the opposition to respond to the talks and the causing of more tensions and delays in the country is when an invitation was sent out without an R.S.V.P. to the Gulf League and sooner than later, they obliged and marched their tanks, trucks and planes to the betrayed Bahrain to once again restore security and safety in the country. The GA came with warnings and alerts, however the protestors are resisting with full force and persistence, some taking off their shirts and instigating the irritation method so the army would shoot them. After insulting the army and taking photos of them, they hand them a rose while whispering to them "Down Down with the Government". At this stage, the only thing that's going down is the protestors and their failed attempt at overthrowing the government. The Gulf League are here to take over the stage and finally put the protestors where they should be, behind bars.
Brave Bahrain

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