Thursday, March 24, 2011

Two of Bahrain's MVP's

In every good team there are players that make or break the games, but the ones that are forever remembered are those who make a difference in the game whether it is the number of goals they score, the way they tackle and defend or even being the coach who looks over the entire team by finding key players and making them stand out in their right positions. The same thing goes to every country, with each cabinet or government looking out for the best in the field to fill the position and be able to score as many goals to turn the game around or even just make it to the finals. For years Bahrain have witnessed a lot of key and important players in the country that we cannot forget, however with the current events there were two Most Value Players in the nation's field watching and guarding any attacks within or abroad. These two legendary players have been selected by the King himself before the crisis yet they proved to be even more outstanding when they were under pressure. These two men who deserve not only MVP medals but medals of Honor for serving the country in times of adversity and prosperity. Without further adieu, the Most Valuable Players of Bahrain are:
Sh. Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa (Minister of Interior)
Sh. Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa (Minister of Foreign Affairs)
While most of us were under severe unrest and taken aback by the local situation, these two renowned gentlemen of Bahrain have not only spent their days defending their country, but bringing it back to where it was, if not better. While one was guarding the streets and keeping the locals safe and secure, the other was guarding our borders from international invasions and claims. They both have fought a silent war, without outing themselves. They have taken on the burden and truly fought clean with outmost honor and gallantry.
On one side, we saw Sh. Rashid bin Abdulla, a man of little words and a lot of courage speak in the honor of the fallen soldiers. His sincere voice, evident, of how much pain he was in for his lost men, while scattering sand on their graves. Yet still whenever is under extreme stress, he takes it manly and acts on it with the most bravery. I have always had much respect for him.
On the other side of the news, was Sh. Khalid bin Ahmed who has long been known as a smart individual with the right skills for the job. Recently, he was very precise and clear at the conferences, even when attacked by foreign governments, he was assured that he was right and though at times we saw him frustrated by the questions asked by the journalists, he stood tall and answered with full confidence. I never doubted him once.
These two men deserve a Medal of Honor for their conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of their lives above and beyond the call of duty while serving Bahrain in action and words against enemy aggressor forces. Participating in the defense of an outpost forward of the main line of resistance, Sh. Rashid and Sh. Khalid maneuvered their very different men over unfamiliar terrains in the face of hostile enemy attacks and placed them in the right fighting positions. Both succumbing to their national wounds, they with outstanding courage and indomitable fighting spirit, were directly responsible for the success of Bahrain's safety and security both locally and abroad in repelling a numerically superior enemy force. Their personal valor reflect the highest credit upon themselves and enhances the finest traditions of Bahrain's Service.
These men have not only served the nation, in fact, they served us; Bahraini's. Like everyone else, they too were shocked at the misdemeanor of the Hezbollah-ites, still like any superstar under pressure, they play for the love of the game and just go for it with their undeniable talent. I am a proud Bahraini because of men like them in my country, who not only serve, but devout themselves to Allah, Bahrain and the King. Today and forevermore these men will be remembered like Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, and Lance Armstrong in Bahrain and for Bahrain. They will always be remembered as heroes who deserve to be put in Bahrain's Hall of Fame.
A heartfelt thanks to them for their constant support to bringing back Bahrain. May Allah bless them, their families and their men & women of duty.
Brave Bahrain

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