Monday, March 14, 2011

Cupid’s Treachery

February 14, a day to the world known as Valentine’s Day, where lovers express their attraction and feelings to their partners and loved ones. It’s a day that the world celebrates love, affection, companionship, with people planning ahead of time to buy the perfect gift for their mates, while others booking dinners at fancy restaurants, some rushing into confectionery stores to pile up on the chocolates and roses. Whatever they planned or bought, it was to commemorate this annual day of love.

While the whole world celebrated the day with fluffy messages, teddy bears and fine Jewelry, Bahrain will commemorate this day as an anniversary to The Great Treason Plot, one of the most notorious plots in Bahrain’s history. On the week of the 14th, right after the Police evacuated the ‘refugees’ from Pearl Roundabout, they discovered in their tents swords, knives, matches, Hezbollah Flags, Iran Flags, treacherous slogans many of them opposing the government and other forms of white weapons. It became known as The Great Treason Plot and was a part of a small Bahraini anti-government revolutionary plan to overthrow the government of Bahrain.

Fundamentally, the Great Treason Plot was a desperate but failed attempt by a group of provincial extremists to overthrow the government. They thought they would achieve this by blowing up some files in the face of the international media, to get them to listen to their false accusations. Luckily, these have backfired in their faces. The conspirators planned to cause chaos in the country from stopping the economical reform, to having massive national strikes. From the start of February 14th till today, exactly a month later, these groups have betrayed the country a plan after the other.

Plan 1: Peaceful Protests of Doom

The past few weeks have seen protesters rising up against the government, pretending to be holding a peaceful protest with flowers while raising the flag of Bahrain. The act of the peaceful protest was a scam to get the international media’s attention. As the international media covered their stories, most of which were lies, many reporters discovered that the Pearl Roundabout act was a joke and real protestors would not be in a state of festivities and joy with popcorn machines, live band, food joints, even Tweetybird and Barney were in the scene for kids to have a wonderful time. While they raised their flowers, they hid hatchets in their socks to attack to police. While they raised the flag, which did not have 5 points that represent the 5 pillars of Islam but 12 pointy heads that symbolize their 12 Shia references. Plan 1; Utter Failure.

Plan 2: Civil Disobedience

The rise of the civil disobedience plan was devised to paralyze the political economy. Teachers were on strike, urging students to do the same and not go to school. Doctors who took an oath, betrayed the promise to lie on TV and report false claims. They’ve been playing with every card that they have, but now that the cards are all scene and discovered, they’re resorting to terror and civil insecurity. Plan 2; Global Humiliation.

Plan 3: Spark Sectarian Divide

The protestors have been chanting “No Sinni, No Shia, Just Bahraini” since the second week of the so-called “revolution”, only to get slapped in the face by a pro-government movement that they thought didn’t exist or some call ‘the silent mage’. These civic uprising is making the opposition look bad. It is hilarious that the protestors have just recently learned to carry a Bahraini flag, let alone wave it. This displays their maliciousness and plan to gain media awareness, only to be revealed as an act of sympathy. What they didn’t realize was the attention given to them was to debunk their plans and show the world their true colors. Plan 3; Public Disgrace.

Plan 4: International Intervention

The last act of the play has been revealed before reaching the final scene. Hilary Clinton has pointed out that these protestors are receiving encouragement and support from Iran. Even before this humiliation, the conspirators have been showing signs of deceit: a) receiving funding from Iran, b) the false revolution is backed by Shia channels and newspapers, c) One of the ringleaders stopped by Lebanon (Hezbollah) to get moral support before heading to Bahrain to wind the public, d) Isa Qasim stated “We need a new Khomeni in Bahrain” in his Friday prayers to name a few examples. Plan 4; Lost Case.

After ruining not only Valentine’s Day and spread anger and hatred amongst the people of Bahrain, they have achieved; nothing. Their plot has been exposed to the world showing what they really want. And now that Cupid has fled the scene, I hope when he returns, he aims his arrow in the right direction and just release.

Brave Bahrain


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