Friday, March 15, 2013

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After- A brief look into how America meddles in Foreign Affairs


 Please watch video before proceeding.



Daniel: I need to go on record here, switching funds out of the European markets is fiscal suicide

Helen: We’re comfortable with the short-term losses, Daniel our final plans are much grandeur in scope

Daniel: Algers, Bahrain, Tunisia..these are highly volatile regions with unregulated banking systems

Helen: Which is precisely why we’re investing in their infrastructure, these emerging governments need the financing backing of Western countries to facilitate reform

Daniel: Fine, I’ll execute the purchase orders once I am at the office

If you have read the dialogue above, you have just come across a very intriguing discussion clandestinely embedded in an episode of a hit American TV Show called “Revenge” that clearly explains the U.S. interests in the region. I realized this, when one of my family members quickly called me to the TV room, to listen to what was being said in the show. It came to both our attentions that firstly, they were talking about Bahrain and secondly, what was being said about it and in what context. It’s bluntly apparent what the writers/producers of the show are clearly stating in this controversial dialogue between Daniel Grayson, a wealthy socialite from the Hamptons whose family is tangled around several scandalous situations and Helen a member of the Americon Initiative, a secret terrorist group responsible for “the downing of Flight 197, which killed 246 people” who has enough influence to control law enforcement.

It is rather obvious what was being said about the Arab World that has and is currently witnessing a major shift in leadership styles while others observed an entire overthrow of regimes like Tunisia and Egypt. It is daunting how the writers of the show managed to insert Bahrain in such a dialogue, calling us volatile while the reason why we are in such state in the first place, is solely because of the backing that the opposition gets from the U.S. similarly to Egypt prior to the fall of Mubarak and Tunisia before it. The unrests witnessed in Bahrain was supported by the U.S. government, which took a rather vague stance against Bahrain during those unstable times swaying between the government and the Bahraini opposition to assist and support whoever has the upper hand in the end of their planted “Arab Spring”. Having said that, the entire “show” put by the U.S. government was unraveled- all the lessons the opposition have been taught, all the travels back and forth to the States, secret meetings with high officials to demonstrate a “peaceful” protest which was far from one was all witnessed and lived by the Bahraini’s to only open our eyes even more when we see how these governments are investing in our country to make way for the  new “emerging governments” that has long been America’s dream of diving the Middle East and creating a New one, which was coined firstly by none other than Condolezza Rice back in 2006 if I recall correctly. Now what has happened since the unrest of 2011 till our present day is nothing unforeseen, as Bahrain is trying to rebuild on the destruction that the terrorists have caused to our lovely nation with the financial backing of the U.S. government. The government has called in all the suspended participants in the pro-regime overthrow protests back to their jobs, some with added benefits while they continue to take on the roads and endanger the lives of everyone on this island that once used to boast to the world about its friendliness, peacefulness & thriving economy but there is never a change in anything or anyone before a little shock to the system and luckily, we survived it and came out stronger than before, with our eyes now open and wandering about every single thing happening to the country from every angle. Gone are the days where all we cared about was our families, our jobs and the slow weekends we enjoyed laid back and carefree. Bahraini’s today are not what they were a mere 3 years ago, though we choose to continue looking to the future, with full belief and in support of our government, we will never forget what the opposition and it’s backers have done to us or how they made us feel in our country that everyone falls in love with simply because of its modesty compared to the nations around it and simplicity of their people, my people. Reminiscing about the wonderful times lived in Bahrain whose streets are now almost daily burnt down with burning tire flames and masked children running around throwing Molotov cocktails on the streets and to the police that are severely injured due to the weekly hostile messages the Shia clerks infuse in their Friday sermons to their followers making them believe in the “Shia’te Crescent” dream that is slowly but surely fading with the soon collapse of the Syrian terrorist regime that killed over 70,000 people of which toddlers were beheaded, women raped till death and entire families dead during the shelling of several of its cities with no one saying anything to Syria or stepping in to save its people who are of the other sect (Sunni) and are the majority in the country but even this is obvious and why the U.S. and its allies after 2 years of its anniversary have done nothing to Syria and quickly jumped in when half a dozen died in Bahrain trying their best to cause a stir with the hourly articles featured on every major newspaper in the U.S. and U.K., governments directing their messages to us and of course the ongoing meetings with the people they have trained and continuously feed information to who have listened obligingly.

These “emerging governments” are what America and its allies are striving for, to divide the Middle East. They have for years baked this cake and now want a slice of it. Their plans to achieve this long-term goal of theirs is closer than we all think, with the pieces being moved correctly and in a timely manner to reach this goal starting first off with Bahrain, who can fall easy to such schemes if the country continues to listen to them and allows them to meddle in its affairs on both the domestic and international levels. It is a matter of time before the entire plan uncoils and more than ever things will become clearer with new tactics and schemes to make sure these so called new “emerging governments” get enough backing to facilitate what they like to believe is “reform” but when looked at from aback is actual chaos and destruction like they have done in Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq and Afghanistan not so long ago. The title of the episode is rather foreshadowing, but who will get to live “happily ever after” is simply a matter of time.

Peace out!