Thursday, March 17, 2011

Flickering Through Bahrain

Bahrain- As midnight passes in the ghost town cities of Bahrain, after the Military issued its fourth announcement late in the afternoon yesterday of a curfew starting from 4pm - 4am in certain areas in the country, the roads seem haunted and mostly everyone was at home. A lot of people in the country have been subject to house arrest, not being able to enjoy the public spaces, go to work or any of the things that the citizens had the right to do because a group of terrorists caused turbulence in the peaceful Kingdom of Bahrain.
While many of us were all in at home, flickering through channels wanting to watch things about current events and occasionally flash through TV shows to try and ease the rising tension and claustrophobic feelings of space containment. As some of the shows were on, it was easier relating the events that took place in Bahrain from February 14th till today to some of the popular TV Shows that we see or have seen. To clarify, why not start with the very beginning.
Agrah (Gossip) Girl here. Your one and only source into the traitors lives of Bahraini's filth. Prior to February 14th, there were growing numbers of a Facebook page called "Day of Wrath-Bahrain", a group that called for a revolution, a conspiracy against the government and the loyal people of Bahrain. Many thought that this group was riding the wave after the downfall of two strong Arabian governments, Tunisia and Egypt except for the "youth" of the Bahrain, who actually that they would takeover. On the 14th, the protestors marched and settled in Pearl Roundabout with many people waiting for the arrival of Hasan Mushama, a snakehead of a conspirator who has been plotting against the government for years. During that time, more and more blackberry message, tweets and emails have been circulating about the recent events, much like Gossip Girl. Everyone had their phones in their hands, computers on refresh mode and TV's on, waiting impatiently for the next message that would either bring them to calm or raise their panic mode. Did you think protestors and the Police would go down without a fight? There's nothing Gossip Girl likes more than a good cat fight. Read more to find out.
Soon after the protestors set up their tents at Pearl Roundabout, they formed tribes some of them brought the food, others were responsible for the false media release, others conducted general talks as part of the tribal council. But unlike Survivor, the protestors were not stranded on an island, they had many tools with which to survive. Some of these tools included computers, Dairy Queen, water, Swords, Molotov bombs and of course their cars that can transport them to their homes for showers, meals and to ammo up incase all weapons are confiscated somehow or stolen. After several challenges which consisted of endurance, strength, agility, problem solving, teamwork and willpower games, the Crown Prince called for a nationwide "calm".
During this time, the protestors continued to terrorize the country and its citizens, they would hold demonstrations on a daily basis where they would frustrate the police, attack them and expect that it was ok. While this was happening, the Police gave enough time for the protestors to evacuate the premises, and when they were asked to evacuate, there were exerted forces on both ends leaving the parties wounded with some casualties. Right after the evacuation, BCSI or Bahrain Crime Scene Investigation was taking control of the pearl roundabout where they found evidence of a non-peaceful protest with proof of weaponry, armory, and  arson.
Many of the protestors were taken into hospitals and the ER to heal them and operate on them as soon as they arrived. Salmaniya Hospital, one of the largest medical facilities has been turned into a terrorist hub, where many camped there to reload on weaponry, the nurses and doctors conducted false operations just like the fake ones we watch on Grey's Anatomy except it's more believable on the show than in Salmaniya. The hilarious thing about the hospital was the fact that many of the bored wives of these terrorists and relatives were there prior to them being wounded or anything just to make the scene believable. These Desperate Housewives, are far from the educated, pretty mama's of Wiseria Lane. They tribal and fake but know how to act.
With international alerts and focus on Bahrain, America wanting to fix the problem, Iran butting in and making accusations, international media journalists flew to Bahrain to cover the "fake" scene. Many of the protestors were waiting at Bahrain's International Airport to find a glimpse of people that looked like reporters and if they hit the jackpot and it was one, the protestors would pay to accommodate them, feed them and even bribe them to insult Bahrain's image and portray false news. The International news about Bahrain were very much like X-Files, because most of the reporting's were of extraterrestrial events all of which were debunked and non-existent.
In the midst of all this, Bahrain witnessed it's Next Top Model, with newly found allegations that a member of Al Wefaq, Ali Salman a.k.a "Noora" was amongst the runners up to winning the title and being easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl, except that they found out she was a man.
Soon after attempts from the Crown Prince for a national tribal council or dialogue were ignored and a month long of waiting, the boys are finally back in town. Similar to the show, Bahrain had its own Heroes squad flocking from the GCC to help put an end to this mayhem. Many of them were escorted out of the Pearl Roundabout, with protestors burning their own tents to hide evidence of their misdemeanors.
As midnight passes in the ghost town cities of Bahrain, after the Military issued its fourth announcement later in the afternoon of a curfew starting from 4pm - 4am in certain areas in the country, the roads seem haunted and mostly everyone was at home. The National Guards came in to arrest the conspirators one after the other starting with: Ebrahim Sharif (the penguin), Ali Salman (Noora), Mohammed Al Miqdad (Beavus), Abduljalil AlSanik (Butthead), Hassan Mushama (Voldermort), Abdulhadi Almukhodur (Shredder), Hussain Alhaddad (Dumb), and Abdulwahad Hussain (Dumber). Apparently while some were esily arrested, Butthead was hiding in a woman's cloak to make a quick run for it. But similar to the Amazing Race, only the one who reaches first wins, so applause to the Guards for catching the cross-dresser.
Now that many of the mischievous plotters were arrested for committing multiple crimes against the government, royal family and mostly the country. It's time to bring in some serious Law & Order to put them right where they belong for trying to bring down the country of Bahrain under the biggest lie heard to mankind "Peace". Let's hope this doesn't turn into another TV show, something similar to Prison Break ;)
And who am I? That's another secret I'll never tell. You know you love me. xoxo
Brave Bahrain

Note: 95% of the Photographs were taken from "the event".

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