Friday, April 1, 2011

To Bahraini's With Love

I have been asked time and time again why I have chosen my display picture, and the reason I have written this excerpt is solely based on the questions I have received both from people who admire the articles and many who disagree with my thoughts and disrespected me on several of my attempts. Frankly, I don't write to slur or belittle a group over the other, I speak the truth and only the truth in the face of ignorance. I use methods of humor and comparisons to subject the people I write about to embarrassment, accountability while others praise. I was not raised to insult people of another sect, in fact it is my responsibility as a Bahraini to respect many of my fellow countrymen and women. I have lived amongst Bahraini's, extremists and liberals alike, Sunni's and Shia are many of my friends and colleagues know me for my unbiased sense of differentiation. Like the Crown Prince himself stated "I am a Bahraini Muslim, all praise to Allah"- and that is how I look at myself.
 If in my writings I have offended people, then I apologize for making them feel isolated, but I do not apologize for my writings against the terrorist plotters of Bahrain as there is no action that speaks louder than words than what they have done with this peaceful country of mine. I do not apologize for acting in behalf of my country if not by sword, then by word and try and shed light on truth and sincerity which the international media have found a way to blind. If Bahrain was just a country, then my patriotism to this country would not have kicked in and formed tears when I saw Pearl Roundabout tarnished for the first time after its occupation. If I am not a true Bahraini, like others accuse me, then I would not pray day in and out for safety and security under the leadership of my government. I do not care if I am liked or detested but I care about my country and my people. This Bahrain that people are fighting over is not the last piece of cake that we pinch before any one makes a call for. This is our Bahrain, that we should look after the way she looked after us, giving us a land to live on, homes to live in, an education that we can flaunt, jobs that many don't have, respect that country's fall short on and most of all endless love that hasn't for a moment stopped flowing. Why then do we all give back to it, hurt and do it unjustly? Like I said, I chose my display picture, a photograph of the history of Bahrain, the history of Al Khalifa in Bahrain, a country and family that goes hand in hand to build and flourish this small island of big achievements. I chose this display picture because it represents the truth, order and civility of what this country with this family has given and brought to Bahrain with the right resources and leadership. My photograph of Sh. Salman bin Hamad is a mark rather an imprint or seal of what has made Bahrain the way it is. I speak now because I have reached a level of overbearing, a point of pain caused by the divisions in my country, looking up trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel and walking firmly to reach it with my fellow countrymen. Let us drop this hatred, stop this partition that is affecting us all. Let us all unite under our country and leadership. This is our Bahrain before its anyone else's, let us look out for it because the more we hurt it, the more we lose of it and soon I'm scared that it will be too late.
Brave Bahrain


  1. I believe what you wrote is the sprite of every true Bahraini thank you thank you I love it

  2. You're most welcome Taher. If we don't write and express ourselves for our nation and leadership, who will? We saw how the international media tarnished our image. It's time to bounce back :o) Thank you for your support and words of encouragement :)