Thursday, April 14, 2011

False Accusations by New York Times

The journalist of today has a responsibility to report facts as accurately, objectively, and disinterestedly as is humanly possible. The newspaperman who respects himself and his work- the average newspaperman- accepts this responsibility. The honest, self-disciplines, well-trained reporter seeks to be a propagandist for nothing but the truth, but this wasn’t the case with the reporters of a globally respected newspaper that is meant to be a credible source to its readers.

1. Two Protesters Dead as Bahrain Declares State of Emergency - March 15, 2011 by Ethan Bronner

Lie 1:

"The government meanwhile accused the protesters of running over and killing a member of the security forces and directing automatic weapons fire at others. It was impossible to verify such claims, but there was little doubt that the mood on the streets had hardened in the month since peaceful protests began in Pearl Square, the capital’s center. The demonstrators still chant “peaceful, peaceful” but some now also carry sticks of wood and steel". 
This was what the article had to say about the situation in Bahrain, however, what it intentionally left out was that the peaceful protest was in fact a violent, brutal one that has left several civil servants dead and hundreds injured. Below is the evidence against the writings of an international journalist of a renowned newspaper.
Evidence of "PEACEFUL" Protest:
1.       Foreign Labors Targeted in Bahrain (view site for more in the matter)

Images of the "peaceful" protest:

 Violent Protestor Throwing Molotov Cocktail on Police
 Violent Protestors Throwing Molotov Cocktails on Police

 Violent Protestors Attacking Police
Violent Protestors Holding Flowers in one hand and Attacking with the other
 Violent Protestors Attack Police Vehicle

 Violent Protestors, take control of a Police Car and Celebrate as they sit drive it away

Lie 2:
"There is little evidence that the Shiite-led protests here have an Iranian sponsor or flavor. In fact, they are at least as much about demands for a democratic government as about sectarianism".

“Iran, the center of Shiite Islam which has sometimes called Bahrain one of its own provinces, objected angrily to the troops’ arrival. The state media called it an invasion and the Foreign Ministry spokesman told a news conference in Tehran that the presence of foreign troops in Bahrain was “unacceptable.” – Ethan Bronner (March 15, 2011, NYTIMES).
If this is not enough proof that Iran has been interfering in the region’s business, then let’s look at some of the photographs that show where many of the Bahraini people loyalty stands? If people in Bahrain were really loyal to the country, then why at all carry “terrorist” flags. Before starting to point fingers, read what Washington says about Hezbollah as it still considers it a terrorist organization that has visible ties to Iran.

Jihadist recruiting websites to "fight" for Bahrain and its people.
 A protest in Bahrain (years ago showing loyalty and support to Hezbollah)

Ali Salman in the Center (black cloak) in support of Hezbollah's actions. Again photo taken from a few years ago, but once one pledges allegiance to a group, they stay in it, with it and for it. There is evidence this resigned parliament Shia clerk said that "If GCC Troops enter Bahrain, we will call Iran". In due time, all evidence will clear and be shown to public. This is but a simple association to the group and Hezbollah, the terrorist group as recognized by Washington.
Kids carrying flags of Hezbollah in Bahrain backed by many photographs of Khomeni of Iran. What do they know about politics?

Image on left in Lebanon at a gathering for Nassrallah's speech to Bahrain recently, the other in Iraq supporting again a terrorist organization that has clear ties into Bahraini's. Similar to when the police caught terrorists in 1995, when they confessed to have been trained by Hezbollah.

2. In Bahrain, a Proxy Battle between Saudi Arabia and Iran- March 20, 2011 by Mark Slackman


Lie 3:

There has been no evidence that Iran played a part in Bahrain’s uprising, which was led by young Bahrainis from the Shiite majority.

1.       Wikileaks Exposes Truth About Bahraini HR Activists & Iran

Relevant evidence that clearly shows ties of people who call themselves "human right activists" that have been paid by Iran.  

3. Forces Rout Protestors From Bahrain Square- March 16, 2011 by Ethan Bronner
Lie 4:
"But it is more fraught, because 70 percent of the country, especially its poorest citizens, is Shiite Muslim while the king and the elite are Sunni".

(If the CIA shows only 81.2% in total are Muslim, how can they claims that 70% of the country is Shia?) One of the files that the Shia were arguing about was the “citizenship file”, which they staated: “granting citizenships to Sunni from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria is against the law and should be stopped”. If this truly is the case, then don’t you think that the % of the population of Shia has gone done? Again, partial inaccurate facts, as there aren’t significant studies showing the exact % of the Muslim sect of Bahrain from a reliable source and Wikipedia isn’t one.
4. Saudi Troops Enter Bahrain to Put Down Unrest- March 14, 2011 by Ethan Bronner and Mark Slackman
Lie 5:
“We don’t know what is going to happen,” Jassim Hussein Ali, a member of the opposition Wefaq party and a former member of Parliament, said in a phone interview. “Bahrain is heading toward major problems, anarchy. This is an occupation, and this is not welcome.”

When is sending troops to maintain the control of the city called "occupation"? Is a legitimate and signed Gulf Coorperation Council treaty in 1982 not a reason to denounce the word "occupation".
Lie 6:
“But the officials also acknowledged that it was a message to Iran. “There is no doubt Iran is involved,” said the official, though no proof has been offered that Iran has had anything to do with the political unrest”.
Proof has been shown in Lie #2 and # 4

5. Main Public Hospital is Drawn into Bahrain Strife- April 12, 2011 by Clifford Krauss
Lie 7:
"Ambulances have been blocked from aiding wounded patients, according to health care workers and human rights advocates".

Were the healthcare and human rights advocates the same ones Wikileaks accussed?  
1.       Attacking Ambulance 

Hospital post politicalization and proterstors who were asked to leave after the arrival of the Peninsula Sheild.

A healthcare vehicle known worldwide to serve patients at the scene of a protest supporting the civil disobedience and protestors.

When was it ok to turn a hospital into a political asylum? When was it ok for doctors and nurses that are considered angels of mercy to act in an aggressive demeanour? Since when a hospital is used to hold hostages?

Lie 8:
"The problems at Salmaniya began two months ago when demonstrators began using the parking lot in front of the emergency ward for protests, and some doctors joined in while they were supposedly on duty".
 Crime at Salmaniya Hospital Regardless of what the situation is why deny humanity the right for healthcare? If it was truly a peaceful protest, why are Doctors who are meant to manage the largest hospital in the country demonstrating, leaving their jobs and duties in a time when the country needed people to stand behind it and at least support the citizens and locals in the country?
Interesting Fact:
"Most doctors in Bahrain are Shiite, as is a majority of the population".
So if most doctors in Bahrain are Shiite according to the author of the article, and it is universally known that they are amongst the highly paid individuals, why are they protesting? For someone to contradict himself by stating that “most” of these doctors are of one sec, and hold a large majority in Bahrain’s population: meaning a high percentage of them are well off, it is eminent to wonder if the author knows what’s truly happening in Bahrain because it seems NY Times has gotten used to spreading partial facts especially about Bahrain, which is a propaganda technique.
In one of the previous articles the author mentioned:
"Opposition politicians said that a number of Bahraini officials, all Shiite, had resigned as a result of Wednesday’ s crackdown. They said they included the ministers of health and housing, four members of the Shura, or advisory council, and perhaps some judges".
Is this too not proof, that the “opposition”, i.e. many of them were people that are involved one way or another in the demonstrations in Bahrain, have high positions in society and are doing well? So if the Shittes in Bahrain have high positions, what are they and their people protesting about? Weren't the 3 main demands: housing, salary and employment? Again, contradiction.

It is plain and clear that what has happened in Bahrain wasn't a peaceful protest and that the international media played a large role in spreading and writing false and unbacked news. This kind of demoralizing reporting was meant to break the government, induce and injest the author's ideas and thougths to the readers. This is but some of the collected evidence and I wanted to thank a special woman who has opened my eyes to the situation after accusing me of "libelous" behavior and wanted the New York Times to sue me. If we live in a world, it is one of freedom of speech so you can say what you would like but the truth will come out and the boots will be fully used to not only catch up with the lies but expose it. This is not the end of me, this is only the beginning. I rest my case.

Brave Bahraini

Note: I wanted to thank the loyal Bahraini citizens for reporting the truth as much as they could and for telling the world that we are not Egypt, Libya or any of the other nations. We are Bahrain and united we will stand against terrorism and anyone who wants to harm this wonderful island of ours. Long Live Bahrain, under Allah, the King and loyal citizens.


  1. Thanks for the information but this post has really got me confused. Peaceful protests in disguise.
    My friend told me something similar but i find it hard to believe even when i have all the time to talk cheap call to Iran, to find out what is going on there. I don't know anymore. Thanks for sharing

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