Friday, April 8, 2011

B for Betrayal

Remember Remember months after December....Traitors, treason and plot.
I see no reason why traitors, treason....Should ever be forgot.
Bells are ringing and their sounds are getting louder with each passing day. These bells of awakening, the bells of justice, the bells of Safra. Lately, everything seen or heard is a reminder of why Bahrain is acting the way it is, why the people are behaving in this way with banners on the street asking for the His Majesty the King to not allow for another "Let bygones be bygones" and for the judicial council to act with complete justice and reason. What in recent times happened in Bahrain, is not easy nor was it something to be hush hush about, instead, there has to be capital punishment to secure the safety and security of Bahrain and ensure that the law is being rightfully practiced.
Throughout history, bells have been used to warn people of dangers such as marauders or approaching storms. They have been used to celebrate happy occasions internationally such as weddings and to mark sorrowful occasions such as deaths.  Bells have been tolled to gather village residents for meetings. In 1945, many church bells tolled to announce the end of World War II. In Bahrain, the echo of the soundless bell will be that of execution. It is obvious that Bahrain will be going back to the death penalty after many years of abstinence. For many years Bahrain has been in the ranks of the growing numbers of countries refusing to apply the death penalty even in the most serious crimes.
Since 1977 to 2006, Bahrain did not execute at all, with the exception of a single Bahraini execution in 1996, the time of political turmoil. However, in December 2006, the government executed 3 foreigners in Safra (2 Bengali and 1 Pakistani) for murder after their sentences were upheld on appeal following 2 stages, including a final ruling for all 3 issued by the Court of Cassation.
At the international level, 94 countries cancelled the death in their domestic law, and a small number of countries- 25 countries in 2008- still carry out executions. Amongst the countries that still apply death penalty are: Iran, Egypt, India, Kuwait, Israel, China, Saudi Arabia, USA, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia. As opposed to Human Rights Watch Organization who consider it a penalty in principle; a violation of the right to life and the right not to be subjected to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. His Majesty The King, has numerously refused to carry out the death sentence and showed opportunity to the Arab region and the world that Bahrain respects fundamental rights and human dignity. But what has been happening in Bahrain since 1996? Why are there more crimes than ever in this small nation? The answer to that is simple, criminal disobedience. In the recent events, with this massive inclination in murders, the taking of prisoners as if Bahrain is in a war state, and terrorism, it is urged that Bahrain reintroduces capital punishment (i.e. execution) to lay some sturdy rules. It is clear that the government will be resorting to it to teach and inflict death as a punishment for the wide variety of offences made by these terrorists. There is no room for atonement anymore, it has been taken to the next level. Here's a message to the :Remember, Remember, the bells of dismember.
Brave Bahrain

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