Thursday, November 10, 2011

Open Bahrain

Bahrain has long been known as a society that was open to ideas, embracing change and implementing the best possible solutions to advance itself in several fields especially public policy and governance. Unlike its neighboring countries in the Arabian Gulf, Bahrain took pride in its manpower, where we all worked together, hand in hand to achieve a common goal; Bettering Bahrain. For decades we've seen a move forward in spite of the many struggles that the country suffered from which have been slowly but surely remedied to a realistic degree given the time period of his Majesty's reign.

However, it was that one spring day, which we were meant to celebrate the core initiative that the Bahraini opposition called for since the 70's- a constitution, only to be welcomed by a backlash, causing bare and dangerous fractures to the very blocks that Bahrain took pride in. The country remained still, traumatized in the first few days until it was able to take some sort of action. Never had one imagined that the very land that feeds, that has opened up a society, bringing forth change that other nations would only dream of, would be bitten or bluntly, butchered in a date so important and dear to her heart. It's a matter of months now before February disembarks on our golden shores of hope, this time, what will be the outcome? Will we remain motionless until that day comes or should we assemble ourselves?

Bahrain is currently working excessively hard at restoring the flecked image some of its own people has inflicted on her, but that does not and should not mean that the rest of the people of Bahrain should just stand and watch from behind barbed lines, in fact, it's time to be proactive about it. Sometimes we do not know what hit us, until it strikes us hard. This is just like what we have gone through, need not I remind each and everyone of you, but then we shake it off like we always do and take the next shocker on unreservedly. This is what makes us Bahraini's! Many are waiting for Bahrain to fall short, sadly, some of which are its own people, whom we have all witnessed in the past few weeks disrupting the roads, injuring the lives and working around the clock to smear what is left of Bahrain's image abroad with bogus indictments and hope of relentless foreign pressure on Bahrain. It does not come by surprise, the visits to countries close and far to establish political relations, the under table meetings and phone calls with high officials and of course the worst of all, the dismantling of Hajj, a holy pilgrimage to Mecca by politicizing it. Despite everything, loyal comrades of this beloved nation, we should stand united in the face of harm. Let's not forget everything that our country has done for us and should continue showcasing it to the world, as Winston Churchill put it "truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies", so let's hold on to the truth, the facts and our voices will be heard. We have an open society, an open education, an open culture, an open economy and most of all an open Bahrain, let's embrace that and not allow for people to cover our nation with stains of hatred and vengeance- we are above that.

In the coming months, Bahrain will witness a few large events, like its 40th year of independence, Bahrain Airshow, Formula 1, Manama-Capital Culture of the Arab World 2012 and the many other activities and programs that we enjoy as Bahraini's and get excited about particularly when we see foreigners flocking to our island for. We know there are groups trying to ruin every possible experience for Bahrain, but we should stand tall, firm and knowingly that we are on the right course and continue doing so by biting the world back with a loud cheer, "YES, WE'RE STILL OPEN!".

Brave Bahrain


  1. You might be open but no one wants to come when you are torturing protestors. Move into the 21st century with human rights and, believe me, everyone will come to your beautiful country. Read the tweets from protestors and consider that they might be true (they are). Read the GDN and consider that the stories might be untrue (they are). Then urge your government to be what they profess to be: open, honest and fair (they're not).

  2. reply 2 Lilly: Free health care, free education, free housing 4 the needy, tax free income, & Government support 4 food, gas, flour & much more. so are you protesting against all what u r getting 4 free then u r idiots & deserve 2 be kicked out of Bahrain which was so safe prior 2 14th feb. Your terrorist acts are driving ppl away.STOP THE LIES & START LOVING BAHRAIN

  3. Lilly...Not sure if you are from Bahrain or not but it seems you are taking a one eyed view of what is happening in our beautiful country. First I would like to clarify one thing. The protesters are far from peaceful! They are not like those who protest in the West. Peacefully standing with their banners etc, making their point without disturbing anyone and then going back home to get on with their lives, hoping their concerns will have reached those responsible.
    Here in Bahrain I find it unacceptable to describe them as peaceful or as protesters! They are violent, destructive and endanger the lives of innocent civilians and residents on a daily basis. Most of what they say and write is fabricated. They claim to be peaceful yet they refused dialogue and instead chose to rampage and cause havoc in Bahrain.Our government has tried its best to reach amicable solutions but that is not the intention of the opposition. The opposition is very obviously on the payroll of the Iranian regime and is being encouraged to continue its violent campaign in Bahrain in order to destabilize the ecomomy in our country.We,the honourable Bahrainis WILL NOT allow that to happen and we will continue our fight against their foreign agenda until peace reigns once again in this dear land

  4. Beatiful article as usual. Speaks from the heart about the reality we live.
    I don't think Lilly is actually who she claims to be. Sounds more like Hezbollah affiliate in disguise. Nothing of what "she" wrote appeals to reality.

  5. Lilly, was very one sided, but definitely spewing propaganda,too. It's too bad people are so easily fooled, or themself are trying to fool others. It's lies that caused so much trouble for the peace loving Bahrainis and others. Thank God for the perseverence of the peace-lovers and for the help of fellow Muslims and citizens and residents of Bahrain. Thank you for a great blog, Brave Bahrain.