Friday, May 6, 2011

Iran's Crimes Against Humanity

The term crimes against humanity has come to mean odious offences that constitute a serious attack on human dignity. The most significant use of the phrase originated in 1907 Hague Convention preamble, which put forth the customary law of armed conflict. These laws were based on the existing State practices of the "laws of humanity". It was during May 24, 1915 when the Allies of WWI; Britain, France and Russia jointly issues a statement explicitly denouncing, for the first time, the commission of "crimes against humanity" in response to the Armenian Genocide. Right after the war has ended, an international war crimes commission recommended the creation of a tribunal to "try violations of the laws of humanity".

Crimes against humanity have existed in customary international law for over half a century and are also evidences in prosecutions before some national courts, however, there has been a few evidences showing that there is a case currently put together to try the Royal family of Bahrain for the so-called "crimes against humanity", with countries like Iran and Lebanon backing such claims and even financing the trips of these individuals to pressure the government of Bahrain to step down or face "detriment" as boldly said by Ali Larijani, representative of Supreme Iranian Extremist Leader, Ali Khamenei. Ridiculous for a country notorious as Iran to point or even help in supporting any sort of case against the government of Bahrain, as Iran has stepped too far and today, Bahrain along with its allies have secured enough evidence needed to prosecute the government of Iran, of which Ali Khamenei is responsible for as the fanatic revolutionary head of State.

In 2002, the International Criminal Court (ICC) along with Rome Statute provided jurisdiction over genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. The definition of what is a "crime against humanity" has significantly broadened from its original legal definition or that used by the UN, where in Article 7, Iran itself has proved to violate every human right by its silenced atrocities and widespread attacks against its civilian population with knowledge of these attacks.

Source: UN Article 7

1. Murder: The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.
Iran's massive killing spree has not begun today, in fact after the rise of Supreme Leader Ayoutallah, Ali Khamenei, there were a series of murders and appearances from 1988-1998 by Iranian government operatives of Iranian dissident intellectuals, who had been critical of the Islamic Republic system in some way. The victims included more than 80 writers, translators, poets, political activists and ordinary citizens and were killing by a variety of means- car crashes, stabbings, shootings in staged robberies, injections with potassium to stimulate a heart attack- in what many believe was an attempt to avoid any connection between them. The pattern of murders did not come to light until late 1998 when a political leader Dariush Forouhar, his wide and three dissident writers, were murdered in the span of two months. Till this day, Iran exercises mass murders and numerous atrocities under the name of "Islamic Law".

Source: CNN

Source: CNN

Source: Euro News

* 'Alarming' Rise In Executions In Iran Raises Concern
Source: Radio Free Europe

* Iran draws criticism for 'alarming' rate of executions

Source: The National Newspaper



                                       The Handing of Ahwazi Iranian

2. Extermination: extinction: complete annihilation.

Iran has been living to fulfill its long planned out 50 year plan for regional growth and domination. With that said, it is slowly exterminating the minorities in its lands to gain power and control over them. These minorities that live in Iran are: Ahawazi who are Arab Iranians, where many of oil wells are in the country, Kurdish, Balouch, Turk, Armenian and Christians to name a few of their many minorities. These are being eradicated, for the widespread of their revolution which they are slowly but surely exporting to the Middle East for superiority.

* Execution-happy Iran adds to its rapidly growing butcher’s bill

Source: National Post

* 47 executions in 3 weeks
Source: Mail & Guardian South Africa

* Tehran on a killing 'spree'
Source: The Australian

Source: Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran


Left: Zamel Bavi 29 year old, an Ahwazi Arab, executed after a year in solitary confinement and torture

Right: Iranian government sentenced Yusef Azizi Bani Turfi, a prominent Ahwazi Arab writer and author of several books, to five years in prison after he criticised the government’s heavy handling of peaceful demonstration in Arabic area of al Ahwaz in April 2005.


Left: Mohammad Hassan Falahieh, an Ahwazi Arab Journalist and Broadcaster is in prison for reporting bad Living conditions of Ahwazi Arabs

Right: Ali Afrawi 17 years old Ahwazi Arab, Hanged in Public


Left:  Silva Harotonian, an Iranian-Armenian IREX employee who has been sentenced to three years in prison

Right: A Baluch man Hanged, officer taking photo


Left: Babak Tehrani (Pic in his Mothers hand): 12 Persian Jews who were kidnapped by the Iranian secret police between 1994 and 1997 and have not been heard from since.
Right: Kaveh Aziz Poor, a Kurdish man who was from a village near Mahabad city, lost consciousness under torture and after 20 days died in hospital in the city of Uromiyeh


Left: Farzad Kamngar a Kurdish teacher and environmental campaigner Executed in 2010 

Right: Turkish man injured during demonstration in Tabriz city by Basij

3. Enslavement: to make a slave of; reduce to slavery.

Source: Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

Enslavement and Kidnapping of Ahwazi

4. Deportation or forcible transfer of population

* Violent Suppression of Ahwazi Arab Protests Must Stop
Source: Iran Human Rights

* Killing of Khuzestani in Iran
Source: Iran Human Rights

 Iran's continous extermination of Arab Ahwazi, a natural resources rich region to control oil

5. Imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty in violation of fundamental rules of international law

*US Hikers to go on trial behind Closed Doors
Source: The Epoch Times

The three American hikers charged with espionage in Iran went on trial behind closed doors

6. Torture

Source: Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

Source: Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

Source: Source: Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
The hitting and torturing of Ahwazi in Iran

Shivan Qaderi, who with two other men were shot by Iranian security forces the security forces, then They tied Qaderi's body to a Toyata jeep and dragged it through the streets

7. Rape, Sexual Slavery, Enforced Prostitution, Forced Pregnancy, Enforced Sterilization or any other form of Sexual violence of comparable gravity

Source: Telegraph

Source: Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

8. Persecution against any identifiable group or collectivity on political, racial, national, ethnic, cultural, religious, gender as defined in paragraph 3, or other grounds that are universally recognized as impermissible under international law, in connection with any act referred to in this paragraph or any crime within the jurisdiction of Court

* Iran Targets Christians With a Wave of Arrests

Source: The Wallstreet Journal

* In Iran, a Christian pastor faces death sentence

Source: CNN

9. Enforced disappearance of persons

- Iran reformers 'abducted' by security forces

Source: The independent

- Mousavi and Karrouibi's disappearance
Source: LA Times


The disapperances of Mousavi and Kerroubi because they called for reform

10. Crime of Apartheid

*Iran Arab minority protest deaths must be investigated

Source: Amnesty International

*Crimes Against Humanity at Camp Ashraf
Source: The Independent

Sunni mosque Bulldozered by Iranian government in Baluchistan 

 Police and special elite Revolutionary Guard forces stormed the Muslim Sufi lodge, Some 80 people were injured

11. Other inhumane acts of similar character intentionally causing great, suffering or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health

*IRAN using 'child soldiers' to suppress Tehran protests
Source: The Guardian UK

An unknown number of schoolchildren currently serve in the ranks of the Basij, an Iranian paramilitary force, according to CSUCS. They have reported that the state conscripts for the regular army at age 19- while accepting volunteers at age 16- and those at 17 can work for the police.

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees

Iran's Human Rights file is filled with bloodbaths, genocides and wretched carnage. The country runs on the blood of innocent people to get their plans underway and without interruption, while they quietly draw and execute their "Lebanization" blueprint on Iraq and gradually in the Middle East, but before people like Ali Larijani declare: "support for regional popular revolutions, especially for the uprising of people of Bahrain, is an Islamic obligation", why isn't saving the people of his country an obligation, instead of them focusing on the situation in Bahrain. Iran's political motives proved its deceitful and hypocritical nature towards the Arabs, but it the Arab awakening happening thanks to their quick hunger unfolding which served to benefit the Arabs and mostly Bahrain.


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